Here are a few examples of some of our recent projects…


  Project: Bullitt Points: Memories of Steve McQueen and the Making of Bullitt, by Tony Piazza
SansTree Services: Editing; book title; cover design; formatting and eBook conversion; promotion strategy; development of book landing page/website; direct response copywriting; setup of digital downloads and e-commerce implementation; creation of sales postcards; creation of book launch event at Steve McQueen Car show; booking of author presentations; media coaching.
Project: Author Platform Development and Promotion
SansTree Services: Author platform strategy; new author headshots; creation of electronic media kit; domain names, hosting, design and coding of new author website,; social media integration; booking of radio interviews; writing and securing major feature articles in print publications; media coaching; community outreach/non-profit board of directors nomination for author.
  Project: Marketing strategy, collateral development, publisher promotion
SansTree Services: Preliminary marketing/Internet strategy for ebook publisher; rapid development of new logo design and collateral material for MLA convention; secured radio interviews for CEO; secured keynote speaking engagement for CEO at workshop.
  Project: Create the first-ever pre-conference workshop focused on e-publishing for the Central Coast Writers Conference
SansTree Services: Concept development; naming; marketing strategy; event coordination; event website design, coding and hosting; presentation development and speaking; securing of giveaways and product demonstrations; event publicity. The event attracted over 105 attendees. It exceeded all revenue expectations and received such positive feedback that it has been made into an annual event.


  Project: HoHo: The Dog Who Saved Christmas, ebook and audiobook by David Congalton.
SansTree Services: Cover design; editing, formatting and ebook conversion; sales landing page/website design, coding and hosting; direct response copywriting; digital download and e-commerce integration; professional audiobook recording, editing and hosting; distribution in Amazon and other outlets; promotion.
  Project: The Talk Radio Guest Book: How To Be The Perfect Talk Radio Guest, ebook by David Congalton and Deborah Bayles.

SansTree Services: Authoring, editing, formatting and ebook conversion and distribution; cover design; sales landing page/website design, coding and hosting; direct response copywriting; digital download and e-commerce integration; online and offline promotion; media relations; securing testimonial quotes and Foreword by a major media personality.